Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sneak Peak Sunday: The Heart of the Dragon by S.D. Grady

From my current release: The Heart of the Dragon

Pietro crowded her against the high wall. “Feeling a little braver, my little one?”  She shivered as his rough hand held her neck. His thumb ran up and down her throat in thrilling small circles. She frowned.  The spark of humor had vanished. He watched her. Severe. Angry. Hurt?  Even as she had become more comfortable in his presence, there were still moments when she wondered what he was truly thinking.  She placed her hand over his and offered a shy smile. “Can I take a bath?”
That got him to smile again. “Can I join you?”

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Unknown said...

Love that last line... Great snippet.

Nancy Jardine Author said...

Is she being coy...or what? Nice teaser.