Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Have I said how much I love Carl Edwards?

Nothing more needs to be said. Carl Edwards won. And I flipped! Well, he did...but I did, too.

Opening fly over for the Cup Race... Posted by Picasa

Whelan Modifieds and Busch at NHIS

Teddy Christopher has a new ride this year...the #36. No more black #13...

Four wide racing...you won't find it in any other series at NHIS.
The end of the Whelan race was cut short by a blown tire on the #06.

Nearing the end of the Busch Race...#60 Carl Edwards is keeping an eager #21Kevin Harvick behind him. Posted by Picasa

Grand National Busch East race pics

First we have John Salemi in the #15. Last year he was recognized by his peers for putting on a first class fight on a shoe-string budget. This day he crashed out :-(

The final race was between #44 Sean Caisse and #61 Mike Olsen. They traded paint for lap after lap.
As you can see, Mike took the checkers. Sean won the week before. Fantastic racing! Posted by Picasa

Racing at NHIS

We've got Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson taking their qualifying laps and the opening lap of the Grand National Busch East division...it's all good stuff!

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