Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Blogging...and movies

This week I finally got to watch Julie & Julia--the story of a frustrated writer turned government employee who finds her true self through cooking.  Hrmmm...not really the proper tag line for the movie, but there it is.

Of course, totally enjoyed the movie, but perhaps moreso because of the struggles that both Julie and Julia encountered in their path to "authorhood".  Publishers who don't think the book is quite right,  redo, rewite, recreate...and then the choice of finding employment that pays the bills while you chase your creative dreams through sheer determination.

I can relate to the latter quite well.  Blogging has brought me a certain amount of reward in my relatively short career as a writer.  It has brought me recognition in the NASCAR world...something I'm not really sure I appreciate on a daily basis.  Perhaps that's where the paycheck comes in...such greedy creatures, aren't we? 

Writing is still something I want to do and be, and yet haven't quite made the leap to full-time commitment.  My career of choice at the moment permits some latitude in pursuing authorship as something as a hobby, and yet that's not quite the reward I am seeking for my inner self.

As I age, and look around at artists' biographies in other places and times, it occurs to me that we all struggle to find that place where we are free to search for that true creative spirit that dwells within.

If only there was time, money and the daily inspiration...perhaps there is and I just haven't managed to put them all together, yet.  Eh...

Tonight, I'm gonna bake a pie.  What has this to do with anything?  Ah--it's the moment of decision where you will take the ingredients, time and effort to create something out of something else.  And Julie said...knowing that when you add apples, cinnamon, butter and bake it you get something yummy--that is reassuring.  And helps in this world of uncertainty with never enough time to finish all you want to do.

I think today would be a good day to walk around my house and take stock of my achievements:  The books in print, the award for my Wallflower victory, the blankets and tableclothes I crocheted, two happy cats, photos of places experienced and a loyal husband.

That's a whole lot of good.  And proof that we do accomplish something in our daily lives.  Sometimes it just takes forever to get there...