Wednesday, October 29, 2008

7 Days of Gremlins: Day 6

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7 Days of Gremlins!

Join the Authors of Gremlins: An Anthology on
Halloween for a chat from 1-5 at

There will be tricks, treats and general mayhem!  I
suspect we'll have a great time.


The next of the seven tales in this Anthology comes from
Dawné Dominque:  Bonamy and Clyde

Dipuc the gremlin has his hands full when he secretly causes havoc for Bonamy
Parker, an uptight, scrupulous businesswoman, who has no time for any nonsense
in her life or from those around her. Clyde Barow, her handsome, easy-going
neighbor, is drawn into the gremlin’s mischievous ways, and sparks begin flying
in more ways than one. *N.B. No banks were robbed during the writing of this

Bonamy is content living within the confines of her regimental routines; that is
until Dipuc enters her life and everything she thinks important flies out the
window. Her neighbor, Clyde Barow, has been smitten with Bonamy since he first
saw her in the elevator of their apartment building, but she doesn’t know he
even exists. Dipuc, a gremlin matchmaker, plays havoc with both their lives
until a terrifying moment brings Bonamy and Clyde together. Can Bonamy see
beyond her perfectionist ways and realize that perhaps Clyde is exactly what she
needs? With a little impish help from Dipuc, all three of their worlds collide.

*N.B. No banks were robbed during the writing of this novel.*


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