Thursday, October 23, 2008

7 Days of Gremlins! Day 1...

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7 Days of Gremlins!

Join the Authors of Gremlins: An Anthology on Halloween for a chat from 1-5 at

The first of the seven tales in this Anthology comes from Anastasia Rabiyah: Hiram's Secret

Hiram sneaks into a trader’s cart and ventures past the rift wastelands near his poor village and passes through the forbidden portal to a world and love beyond his imaginings.

Unhappy in his simple life of work and more work, Hiram Oversher decides it’s time to find a bride and make a new life for himself. When he passes through the gateway he’s been warned about since childhood not to enter, his body awakens to a sensual calling and energy he cannot understand. He sees visions of a beautiful maiden, nude and in need of him. Inside the keep of Lord Beorolf, waking dreams and those during sleep reveal a secret Hiram longs to uncover and know.

Gremlins: An Anthology in print is available now at and atAmazon

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