Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Crossing over...

Upon arrival in Jackson, NH the first thing you have to do is cross a covered bridge. The bridge is red, wood and one lane wide. If you think you are bringing your 35ft. RV with duelly pick-up, cell phones and slick credit card life...you better think twice.

The bridge takes you into a village that is snapshot of New England as it has been for two-hundred years. Taverns, inns, little white churches and small shops for the locals.

The rush of the tourist laden traffic jam on Rte. 16 is instantly gone. You have crossed over... Enjoy yourself.

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As time goes by...

Hello! We just returned from a two-day get away to the White Mountains. It was like a moment out of time. We stayed at Eagle Mountain House, an historic inn located in Jackson, NH. Just down the mountain is the Jackson Falls.
Where vistas of the White Mountains combined with the never ending rush of the waters chasing the rocks down the slope.
And butterflies could stop to stoke up for their fall flight south.
And people can stop to dabble their toes in cold water and soak in the sun. No phones. No boom boxes. And not even a hot dog vendor to be found. Just an afternoon spent the way it was...and always should be. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Tennis Elbow?

Don't know how or why, but there it is. It's most frustrating. And it impacts almost everything I do. Lifting a can of soda, putting my hair up in the morning, getting dressed...any motion that involves raising my right arm while holding something. I have a brace for my elbow and it helps to keep me from moving in a damaging manner.

Now it's time. Time to let the muscle inflammation go down and let the small tears in the muscles heal.

I hope it doesn't take too long, I miss writing my stories.