Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Things that Fascinate

The day is old, but it's not quite time for bed.  I surf the TV channels and find nothing.  I switch to my DVR...ah, here we are.  A collection of some of my favorite movies of all time.  Tonight I press "Start" on "The Lion in Winter."

This is the good stuff.  Kings and queens and politics and treachery and passion and...

If you ever wondered what sets my imagination free, it is watching films with the depth and smarts of this 1968 gem.

I don't suppose I shall ever manage to pen such stirring monologues.  Nor shall I cast the timeless Kate Hepburn as one of my heroines.  I dare not try to step on such toes.

Instead, my muse begins to think about what else may have happened behind the storied walls of the castle.

And so we begin again.

You can find my latest exploration into royalty in "The Heart of the Dragon."  Now available for your ereader!

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