Tuesday, July 20, 2010

On the Road Again

Hi guys! Yes, we're on the way to Indianapolis Motor Speedway--the mecca of auto racing in America. I'm sort of bouncing from foot to foot even as I write this...Indy is one track I've always wanted to see since I sat in the living room as a kid and watched the little "pointy" cars attack it. But anyway, there will be a whole week to discuss the wonders of a track that made a town just for itself...

Rolling across America in an RV is a unique and fun way to travel. Instead of waiting in lines, taking off my shoes and undergoing creepy x-ray machines, my day has been spent watching the great forest of the Northeast roll past my window. There's the counting of the other RV's we see on the road (BING) and slight complaints about road construction, but it's really a less stressful manner of travel once you're accustomed to it.

Rookie RV'ers are fun to watch, and I say this with full knowledge that we once looked ragged and worn after having the trailer drive our truck down the highway without proper just about everything. But once you've passed the novice status, you stop worrying about the location of gas stations that provide diesel and revel in the funny looks you get when you pull your rig up next to a "real" truck at the service center. Somehow, my phone's camera managed to make our Silverado look pretty stout next to that Freightliner, but in reality the 2500/35ft RV combo looks a bit silly wallowing next to the grunts of the transporation world.

You can't help notice the big rigs as you head west over I84/I80--they nearly outnumber the cars. You do get to realize the vast number of trucking companies out there and what they haul.

Somewhere in Connecticut they're building a bridge...the I-beams kept appearing over the horizon at regular intervals. Prefabbed sheds were another favorite of the day. The BING meter went nuts as a trailer had six pop-ups piled on it. Fed-Ex, UPS, Conway, Millis...it goes on for some time. Pre-fabbed pools, cranes, boats, tractors, etc. etc. We did notice a lack of livestock trailers--we can never forget our drive through Georgia years ago as we seemed to encounter the entire population of the Perdue plant in an endless parade of feathers trapped in trailers.

All this under alternating overcast and blue skies framed by the green climbing hills. We're settled in at the first campground--several other rigs have NASCAR stickers on them. We've got the A/C going, the bed is made with our own sheets, supper was an impromptu tuna salad sandwich deal and I'm rocking in my comfy chair. Outside the picture window, rabbits and robins are decorating the edge of the woods. This ain't bad...

I'll take the calm before the storm, for on Thursday we'll be planted in the vast maze of race fans at the track amidst the dull roar of all those generators...Ain't that cool?

Catch ya'll later !

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Roxanne said...

Sounds like you're having a ball and campground as you describe it makes me wistful. All those birds and tuna sandwiches. No fuss - no mus. Keep us informed on the excitement.