Monday, November 20, 2006

The day after...

Thanks for leaving a comment, Stewartfan. I apologize for it not publishing...e-mail provider being stupid.

Well, here we are--the off-season. Good God! What do we do now? No engines revving, no pretty rainbows screaming around a track...just the abyss. Ugh.

Well, actually I'm kindof glad. This season was a whole lot of nothing stories, really. Denny Hamlin provided some entertainment by being the shining young gun. But otherwise, it was more about endings than wins. The end of Mark Martin's run in the #6, Dale Jarrett leaving the #88, Kenny Schrader silently slips into part-time with nary a word...the end of manufacturer provided sheet metal templates. The end of Detroit supremacy as Japan enters NASCAR. I can only hope this will be the end of carte blanche for cup teams in Busch.

The end...

But an end means somewhere there is a beginning. Something new. Hopefully something interesting.

Until January (yes, I watch testing in Daytona)

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