Monday, June 06, 2005

Mount Vista Campground- Poconos

The sun has set over the woods of the Pocono Mountains and one of our RV neighbors is playing the Flintstones on his bagpipes…need I say more?

This has been the first true weekend of the Summer; meaning the sun was actually shining and the temperature climbed into the 80’s. Surely a good omen for our vacation. We left Haverhill about 10:30 this morning and headed west. The still new Chevy Silverado Duramax Diesel handled the Appalachian Mountains and Pocono Mountains without a thought. Why we ever thought that the little Dodge Dakota could pull a trailer…I guess we were wishing.

Oh deer…

As the miles flew by we saw more roadkill than ever before. By the time we turned onto Rte. 402 in Pennsylvania we counted 6 dead deer on the side of the road. In my experience, a dead deer is usually no more than an ugly puddle of blood in the road. These poor creatures had all been flung to the breakdown lane in one piece. I was thinking it must be a population explosion to see this many expired deer.

Finally we turned into the campground and saw a live deer nibbling on the edge of the woods. I guess this is a good place. The deer are alive.

Our cell phone doesn’t work out here. It’s 40 miles to the interstate and the town is so small it boasts one of those General Store/Hunting License/Post Office/Luncheonette/Propane and Gifts stores. I’m looking forward to poking my nose into it. The bullfrogs are making noise in the pond and they apparently share it with several koi “THIS BIG”. I saw a wild turkey. We’re waiting for the stars to come out.

We keep looking for things to do around here…but we’ve almost settled on doing not much of anything for the next couple days. We lost the radio broadcast of the race running in Dover somewhere in New York and finally lost all radio in the Delaware State Forest. The frogs make for good background noise, though.

Richard discovered some Lemon Diet Coke at the local grocer…maybe this is the last of it in the area. The flavor was discontinued in Massachusetts.

More updates tomorrow! With photos, I’m sure. On the agenda for Monday: Find a propane distributor that doesn’t do the tank exchange. Other than that, a dip in the pool and staring at some trees…nothing too demanding.

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