Thursday, December 16, 2004


The movie by ESPN.

It was OK. It certainly wasn't earthshattering or even that enlightening. It just was a movie about a racer who wouldn't let anything go, certainly not a race.

Perhaps I am more "into" the sport than many fans, but beyond the wives and the explanation of just how all the kids were related (I had never figure all that out before)- I really didn't learn much about The Intimidator.

The performances were fine. The accents were authentic and the dialogue believable in the context. I've seen some chat rooms saying it was cheesy- but have you ever listened to NASCAR broadcasts? All that cheese is touted every weekend and us die-hard fans love it.
One observation I took away. The sport is changing. The competitors are more educated. It was important that Dale Jr. make it through high school at the very least. The days of the profitable and capable moonshiner competing with the professional shops is gone. You need money, smarts and talent these days. Ryan Newman is the new NASCAR.

The use of new footage combined with classic footage made the race scenes believable.
So, I'll give it a 3 out of 5 stars. It did its job. It told his story.

If you're a Big E fan- watch it. If you're a NASCAR fan- watch it. If you're just curious- you'd probably want to skip it.

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