Saturday, November 20, 2004

NASCAR NOTES- the day before

Title: Ready for the Wrap Up?

Kurt Busch sit atop the Chase I'm not happy about that turn of events.

Jimmie Johnson just 18 points behind.

Jeff Gordon- 21 points out.

and Lil E- 72

Do you have faith grayer heads will prevail?
Mark Martin- 82.

Five really awesome drivers (I said drivers! Not people!) all in the mix. Mathematically, it is unlikely that Earnhardt or Martin will turn the table upside down. However, Johnson or Gordon? Oh yeah!My preference? Well, Jeff adding #5 to his mantle would be gratifying as I've supported him since his first laps around Atlanta 12 years ago. But, you know, Jimmie has really turned in a Championship year. No buts about it.

My personal pick from last year - Lil' E- well, he just had too many challenges to make it.

If Kurt makes it- I'll be ready to toss the Chase down the drain.

Newswise, I have not enjoyed the Chase for the Championship as much as I enjoyed the Race to the Chase. What happened to the other 25 drivers? They have been forgotten. But overall- I think the Chase has been good for promoting the sport.

Other news:

The loss of Happy Hour next year- I will miss it. Anyone who has been at the track during Happy Hour can appreciate just how much energy and excitement is generated through the garage during those 45 minutes. But it still looks like it will be a 3-day weekend, with practice on Friday.

The idea of ensuring that the top 35 in points always will make the race would basically cancel any new team from making a run at the big time. I think that would be detrimental to the sport.

Reducing the flow rate on the gas cans to create slower pit stops- I suppose that is a good thing. The days of twisting a wrench and changing the tires at the race have been lost. Not only a huge cost to the teams to hire expensive over the wall gangs- but a loss of the "team". So- yeah- change the cans and slow down the pits. Either that or allow the tech used in the CART/IRL series to be applied in NASCAR pits.

One more to go and a Cup on the Line. How cruel will Fate be this year?

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